How it Works

  • A complimentary consultation is provided.  You will be given a thorough survey to discuss your food likes and dislikes, dietary requirements and additional info.  We will then schedule a time for me to come to your kitchen and cook.
  • A unique menu is developed just for you and your family based on your wants and needs.  A copy will be sent to you for approval and any necessary changes will be made.
  • I do the grocery shopping for you! I pick the freshest and highest quality ingredients the morning of your cook date.
  • I arrive at your home with my gear and groceries.  Your meals are then made, packaged and left with detailed heating instructions.
  • Your kitchen is cleaned, my gear is packed up and you are left with nothing but delicious meals waiting in your refrigerator and freezer ready to be eaten.
  • Reheat according to directions and enjoy!

I’m also available for dinner parties, celebrations, pantry clean-outs and gatherings. This would be a terrific gift for new parents.